Our corporate clients are valued and important partners for us!

Every corporate client of Petrol AD is served with priority and great attention.

By choosing us as your partner, you will have at your disposal 24-hour quality service in the entire network of Petrol filling stations throughout Bulgaria. The fuel products we offer are of exceptional quality. As our corporate client, you will be able to take advantage of Transcard Fleet card, with which you will be able to make precise planning and control of your fleet’s expenses.

Advantages of Transcard Fleet

  • Managed payments
  • Simplified administration
  • Deferred repayment
  • Planning and control of fuel costs with monthly and daily limits
  • Strict reporting – each purchase is recorded by type, date, time, location, quantity, and value
  • Discounts from the price of fuels for realized turnovers
  • 24-hour information and telephone service
  • Ability to track mileage with each refill
  • High level of protection – individual PIN code for each card
  • Ability to block cards at any time of the day
  • Customization according to customer requirements

Types of Transcard Fleet Cards

The clients of Petrol AD ​​can choose from two different types of cards for cashless payment:

  1. Refueling of all types of offered fuels.
  2. Refueling all types of fuels and purchasing essentials (oils, antifreeze, wiper fluids, vignette stickers, etc.).

Conditions for issuing Transcard Fleet cards

Timeframe for issuance – up to 24 hours:

  • for the region of Sofia – cards can be received at HQ of Petrol AD, ​​or by courier at our expense to the address specified by the client
  • for regions outside of Sofia District – cards are sent by courier at our expense to the address specified by the client

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