Quality and Sustainability Policy

The mission of Petrol AD ​​is to realize a stable growth and profitability of its shareholders while committing to responsibility to its customers, employees, partners and to society as a whole.

The management of Petrol AD ​​is guided by the pursuit of high quality. All projects in the company’s investment program are implemented through innovative solutions in accordance with the highest international standards for control, quality, and environmental protection.

Successful fulfillment of our mission and achievement of our goals is possible only through an efficient quality management system in accordance with the established principles of the International Organization for Standardization. This requires:

  • Active participation of all management staff, which sets guidelines, goals and objectives, and creates an environment in which staff are able to actively contribute to the achievement of company goals;
  • The use of staff at all levels and their potential for the benefit of the organization, providing opportunities for their training, awareness and competence;
  • Precise definition and mastering of all necessary for the management system processes, their sequence and interconnections, application of process-management methodologies;
  • Identifying risks and opportunities related to the business processes and implementing measures for their mitigation and realization, respectively;
  • Implementation of strategies for gathering accurate information and for analysis of internal business intelligence to meet the consumer expectations, achieve system efficiency, plan and implement continuous improvement;
  • Commitment to compliance with applicable laws, requirements, standards;
  • Striving for continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of our management system.

Certificate BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015