Issued shares

The issue of shares of Petrol AD amounts to BGN 109,249,612.00, distributed in 27,312,403.00 shares with a nominal value of BGN 4.00 each.

Market Information:

  • Name: Petrol AD
  • Exchange: Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia AD, Standard shares segment
  • Exchange code: 5PET
  • ISIN code of the issue: BG11PESOBT13
  • Number of securities: 27,312,403
  • Nominal value: 4.0000
  • Currency: BGN
  • Registered capital of the BSE: BGN 109,249,612
  • Date of entry into trade: 19.05.1998
  • Current stock price per share: Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  • Type of financial instruments: the shares of Petrol AD ​​are dematerialized registered with voting rights and with dividend rights.

The shares are ordinary, which means that they provide equal rights. Each share gives its holder the right to vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders, the right to a dividend in the distribution of profits and the right to a liquidation share in case of termination of the company. The right to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders is granted to individuals, who have acquired shares and entered as shareholders in the book of shareholders kept by Central Depository AD, 14 days before the date of the General Meeting.