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Petrol Club Grifon Mobile app

Petrol's frequent flyer program. Because you are our most important!

Levels & discounts

The discounts you take advantage of in our sites

The digital card operates on the principle of summation of the value of fuel purchases within one calendar month.

When using it, purchases made within one calendar month (from 00:01 on the 1st day to 23:59 on the last calendar day) are accumulated in the user profile of the Club member as a monthly turnover.

On each first day the turnover accumulated during the previous month is calculated and determines the Club Member Level from the listed as follows: Lite level, Classic level, Special level, Premium level.

Ниво Lite
Ниво Classic
Ниво Special
Ниво Premium


Collect points with every fuel purchase

Petrol gives 100 bonus points to the Club member when registering an account in the Application.

The accumulation of points is reflected immediately after a successful payment of the fuel transaction and is displayed in the user’s profile.

You can exchange your accumulated points for a variety of offers.

When starting a new month and changing the user’s level/rank, the points are NOT zeroed, but accumulated.

Depending on the type of fuel purchased, a point(s) per liter of fuel are registered and added to the Club member’s profile as follows:

Blue Force Gas 0.5 points
CNG 0.5 points
Unleaded A-95 1 points
Diesel Pro Force 1 points
Unleaded 100 Extra Force 2 points
Diesel Green Force 2 points


You can access your digital card anywhere, anytime – easy, fast and convenient, get great discounts and bonus points in your account. Take advantage of great offers, services and discounts on your every trip!

  • You get a discount on the loaded fuel (the discounts are increasing according to the level of each user)
  • Collect bonus points when refueling
  • Receive personal offers and information about current promotions in the Petrol retail chain/li>
  • Exchange your accumulated points for a variety of vouchers, codes and offers
  • A copy of a receipt for each purchase
  • History of transactions
Petrol Club Grifon
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Petrol Club Grifon

Take advantage of discounts with the Petrol mobile app. Use your digital card every time you load. Find the most convenient object for you.се от отстъпки с мобилното приложение на Петрол. Използвай своята дигитална карта при всяко зареждане. Открийте най-удобния за вас обект.